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  • KAIP Academy Lunch & Learn Event at The WorkShop – Sacramento
    by kaipartners March 20, 2018

    The KAIP Academy recently had the pleasure of hosting Steve Morris, PMP, as he introduced his Morris Business Integration Framework via a Lunch & Learn event at The WorkShop – Sacramento. Developed over the course of 40 years, Mr. Morris presented the labors of his research and […]

  • It’s Not Easy Being Lean: Dos and Don’ts of Visual Management Boards
    by kaipartners March 14, 2018

    By Ashley Christman, LSS MBB, SSBP, CSM A version of this blog post first appeared on the Lean Transformation Group’s blog and was repurposed and posted here with permission. The original post can be found here. In many organizations seeking to deploy Lean, one of the first things […]

  • The Benefits of the Certified ScrumMaster® Training Course
    by kaipartners March 8, 2018

    By Daniel Fast, CSM I recently had the honor and privilege of attending the Certified ScrumMaster® training at the KAIP Academy. This short, yet informative two-day class allowed me to expand my creative and mindful solution-finding skills. The class was very different than any of my previous […]

  • The WorkShop – Sacramento Grand Opening Celebration!
    by kaipartners March 7, 2018

    Photo Credit: Stephen Alfano and Carmen Marsh KAI Partners recently celebrated the grand opening of The WorkShop – Sacramento! The grand opening event provided the opportunity to show off The WorkShop’s beautiful 9,000 square feet of office, desk, and conference room space, as well as […]

  • How we Can Promote Workforce Development in the Sacramento Region
    by kaipartners February 28, 2018

    By Terry Daffin I recently had the opportunity to attend the Golden Sierra Workforce Tech Forum: Occupations & Skills in an Automated World, hosted by Valley Vision and Golden Sierra Workforce Board. Valley Vision “…inspires leaders to think big and collaborate on bold, long-term […]

  • Hey, Sacramento: City Hall Is Calling for Our Help
    by kaipartners February 21, 2018

    Photo Credit: Sacramento’s Urban Innovation Agenda By Stephen Alfano Recently, when I logged into an online presentation webinar covering the subject of “Sacramento’s Urban Innovation Agenda,” I was expecting a rundown of the events and activities of the last few […]

  • The WorkShop – Sacramento Co-working and Incubator Space Now Open in East Sacramento
    by kaipartners February 14, 2018

    Photo Credit: The WorkShop – Sacramento Instagram via Terry Daffin KAI Partners is proud to announce the establishment of The WorkShop – Sacramento, our city’s newest business incubator and co-working space. Located at the Cannery Business Park in the McKinley Park neighborhood, […]

  • 5 Ways to Foster Career and Personal Growth
    by kaipartners January 24, 2018

    By Terry Daffin Change is growth. This is a simple statement that most people can probably agree on. Yet many of us resist because change is hard or we’re afraid or it’s uncomfortable. I am entering my 35th year in the IT industry and I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of change […]

  • Why Employee Training Is Really an Investment in Customer Service
    by kaipartners January 17, 2018

    Photo Credit: Stephen Alfano By Stephen Alfano Loop opened. Let me start by saying that I am a humanist at heart: I believe in and champion the philosophy that ultimately it is the critical thinking and rationale behind the actions of people that run any successful endeavor—especially […]

  • KAIP Academy Certified ScrumMaster® Training Recap
    by kaipartners December 27, 2017

    Photo Credit: Ryan Hatcher By Ryan Hatcher The KAIP Academy held its first training sessions last week, delivering two successful Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) trainings. The truly innovative aspect of this training, led by veteran Certified Scrum Trainer Bernie Maloney of Radtac, was the […]