Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow


Here’s what KAIP Academy learners are saying about their training experience:

“I learned about the different levels of certification associated with Agile (and Scrum). I also received a deeper dive on the intricate collaboration requirements between the Product Owner and ScrumMaster.” – Anonymous

“Overall excellent course! Has definitely increased my interest in agile significantly.” – Anonymous

“The CSM training provided by KAI Partners was one of the best business trainings I’ve attended in my career.” – James from Trinity Technology Group

“[I learned] how to manage an agile team, how to be a good leader, agile values. I thought it would be much more focused on the what than the how, I was pleasantly surprised that we went more in depth on the how.” – Anonymous

“…Ashley [Lean Six Sigma instructor] provided us with in depth knowledge and fun, interactive activities. She was thorough with her delivery and showed great enthusiasm for her curriculum. I highly recommend taking a class with Ashley. You’re guaranteed to walk away with a positive experience.” – Briana from LegalShield

“I learned how to improve my User Stories. I’m eager to incorporate tips on keeping them short, considering the developer’s and product owner’s perspective…” – Pramukh, Trinity Technology Group

“The KAIP Agile training was very informative and hands-on, which helped me assimilate and retain the information. … I enjoyed learning about Scrum and am looking forward to implementing its lessons and benefits into my workflow.” – Tran from Trinity Technology Group