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Here’s what KAIP Academy learners are saying about their training experience:

“The class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format including group exercises, games, simulations, videos, and classroom discussions. Miljan Bajic is an excellent instructor. He is a deep knowledge content expert and brings a broad knowledge to the training making this a good course for all levels. I recommend Miljan’s 2 day session whether you are brand new to Agile and Scrum or for more experienced practitioners that need a refresher. I passed my CSM test on the first try.” – Ronna Scott, Certified ScrumMaster®

“The instructor was very experienced and holistic–an excellent educational experience!” – August 2019 Certified ScrumMaster®

“There are too many benefits to list! I am leaving the training with 15 items to take back to my scrum team and product owner to help us perform better.” – August 2019 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“I took your boot camp for the PMP exam the second week of May. Please add me to your list of first time passers! … Thanks to your class, as without it, I know I wouldn’t be a PMP today.” – May 2019, PMP® Certification Exam Prep

“[Instructor] shared his wealth of knowledge on the principles of the Product Owner role” – May 2019 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“Hands-on lessons, highly knowledgeable instructor, very well-put together course, and extremely engaging.” – March 2019 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“I thought I had a rudimentary understanding of Agile. I was wrong. This course outlines everything you need to know to become a CSM.” – March 2019 Certified ScrumMaster®

“Learning how much of certain things would be on the test compared to others was probably most valuable. It helped me focus on what really needed to be learned.” – January 2019 PMP® Certification Exam Prep

“The course focused less on memorization and more on forming a deeper understanding of the material.” – January 2019 PMP® Certification Exam Prep

“The most valuable part of the class was ‘insider’ info on what to expect on the test coupled with successful test-taking strategies were the most valuable takeaways.” – January 2019 PMP® Certification Exam Prep

“What was most valuable to me was the addition of Product Owner knowledge to add to CSM. Awesome instruction, terrific knowledge, and personal touch.” – October 2018 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“The interactive class was very engaging. The class was not a slide deck, but a lot of mini projects.” – July 2018 Certified ScrumMaster®

“The KAIP Academy was very professional and accommodating. The Lean Six Sigma class was very informative and useful for all types of projects at work. Ashley (Lean Six Sigma Instructor) was very kind and able to answer any question the class had.” – Ian from Unleashing Leaders (June 2018 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt)

“Ashley’s [Lean Six Sigma instructor] knowledge was amazing, making her a very credible trainer!  I really enjoyed all her stories and examples.” – June 2018 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

“What was most valuable to me was learning the activities I can re-use with teams and leaders.” – May 2018 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“The benefits of the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course include more than learning the CSPO role. They include a better understanding of the relationship of the P.O. to the bigger organization. The training also includes tools and tactics to make decisions on priorities and how to define done.” – May 2018 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“I learned about the different levels of certification associated with Agile (and Scrum). I also received a deeper dive on the intricate collaboration requirements between the Product Owner and ScrumMaster.” – May 2018 Certified Scrum Product Owner®

“[I learned] how to manage an agile team, how to be a good leader, agile values. I thought it would be much more focused on the what than the how, I was pleasantly surprised that we went more in depth on the how.” – December 2017 Certified ScrumMaster®

“The CSM training provided by KAI Partners was one of the best business trainings I’ve attended in my career.” – James from Trinity Technology Group (December 2017 Certified ScrumMaster®)

“I learned how to improve my User Stories. I’m eager to incorporate tips on keeping them short, considering the developer’s and product owner’s perspective…” – Pramukh, Trinity Technology Group (December 2017 Certified ScrumMaster®)

“The KAIP Agile training was very informative and hands-on, which helped me assimilate and retain the information. … I enjoyed learning about Scrum and am looking forward to implementing its lessons and benefits into my workflow.” – Tran from Trinity Technology Group (December 2017 Certified ScrumMaster®)